Boogles Bookkeeping Ltd have offices in the UK. Primarily, we offer a bookkeeping service, but we also have other merchandise (cups, T-shirts, underwear, tops) which we sell online via this outlet and other channels (including Amazon, Ebay) amongst others.

Business Books

To help SME's with their bookkeeping:

QuickBooks Online Help - The Handbook

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How To Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business book is for those bookkeepers /accountants /finance managers who have thought about starting their own business, but aren't sure yet.

If you are an accountant or bookkeeper - then a book for you is:


Note - Boogles also has a bookkeeping franchise. Please visit: www.Boogles.Info



Book - Make The Most of Your Money is available on Amazon.


If you are self-employed or a business owner, and have always fancied writing a book yourself, do have a look at: How To Write A Book In Two Weeks.





Bookkeeping Software

There is bookkeeping software for sale  (See SHOP page)



The SoliBooks & Perfect Software accounting software is for legal bookkeepers. QuickBooks and Sage is for everyone else. A video recorded computerised exercise is available on all of the above.

In addition to creating a maths game, Boogles has been a busy calculator... Boogles has a song, which is on You Tube... watch the video and listen to the song, here...


We've also written a series of Training CDs (for Quickbooks, Perfect Books, SoliBooks, Sage, Bookkeeping using Excel spreadsheets) - which are also available on this website....  but take your time, and have a wander around....




The other services which we offer are:

Bookkeeping Franchise

Kids Club


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